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Here’s Why Tree Pruning Is Important

Having trees in your backyard can provide comfort and aesthetic appeal while increasing the property value by up to 20%. Trees are a valuable gift of nature, and you need to protect their value at all costs. If you own trees in your yard, it is your responsibility to maintain and care for them by investing in tree pruning and other professional tree services.

What Is Tree Pruning?

One of the most common tree care and maintenance procedures, pruning is when you cut and remove dead or damaged branches and buds to enhance the tree’s shape and beauty. Improper pruning can cause lasting damage and reduce its landscape potential. Every time you prune, a wound is created that must heal or be sealed off.

This is why it is recommended to hire a professional arborist trained to provide proper tree care.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Many trees grow all the time and without direction. Unlike forest trees that grow well with nature’s pruning, landscape and residential trees need meticulous care to help them flourish and maintain their structural integrity. When you pay for professional tree pruning, here are some of the benefits you will reap:

Promotes Tree Growth

Removing old branches or leaves allows the tree to develop new and healthier ones. Good pruning techniques enable healthy branches to grow and bloom with no trouble. While it sounds ironic, tree pruning actually enhances tree growth because this procedure stimulates lateral shoot growth close to the cut or tree wound. You may also structurally prune a young plant or newly planted trees if you want them to have a healthier formation in the long run.

Boosts Tree Health

Since pruning involves cutting off any damaged or infested branches, it prevents further decay that may lead to the removal of the tree. This horticultural practice removes any part of the tree that has no value and affects its overall health. When you regularly prune your trees, you keep them healthy and strong, provide them good air circulation through the tree canopy, and help reduce the amount of leaf disease.

Improves Landscape Aesthetics

With pruning, you can say farewell to dead branches while giving your trees a polished look that elevates your whole landscape. One of the fastest ways to improve your home’s curb appeal is to remove any loose hanging limbs that are an eyesore in your garden or yard. Having well-pruned trees look better and can produce lovely flowers and fruits.

Prevents Safety Hazards

Protect your family and property from dead or flailing branches that pose major hazards through regular tree pruning. Weakened and broken-off branches can be easily blown off by the wind, leading to unwanted damage on your driveways, roof and gutters, or car windows. By properly pruning your plants, you make your trees stronger and more resistant to storm damage. At the same time, you ensure your safety and those around you.

Controls Pests and Insects

If you fail to prune or remove any dead or diseased branches, more pests and insects will colonize wounded trees and pre-infected deadwood. Soon enough, unwanted visitors will enter your home in search of food and shelter. Pruning reduces pests’ habitat options and prevents them from eating the surrounding foliage and spreading plant diseases. Make your trees more resilient to insect and disease problems by adhering to a regular pruning schedule.

Your Local Tree Service Contractor

Unless you have the experience, expertise, and the right tools, don’t try pruning trees on your own because you could do some real damage to your landscape plants. The best thing you can do is hire an arborist who knows the art and science of keeping your trees well-pruned and healthy all year round. At Midstate Tree Service of Harrisburg, we will arrive at your doorstep to provide professional tree pruning. Talk to our tree care experts and see what we can do!