Lot and Brush Clearing Harrisburg PA

​Lot and Brush Clearing Service in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Sometimes land can become overgrown and unruly, and there are many reasons to want to clear it out.  Site preparation for new construction, safety, and yard expansions are just some of the rationales for wanting to remove debris and overgrown plants, as well as brush.  Depending on how large the lot is or how wild it has grown, the task can be a rather large one. Not only is large equipment often required, but you also need the ability to dispose of all of the debris afterwards – which can add up.  Midstate Tree Service provides excellent lot and brush clearing for those who are in need of it.

Lot Clearing

When clearing a parcel for site development, we always come prepared with the right equipment and skills needed for the job.  The process in general is a sensitive one, as clearing needs to be done efficiently, correctly, and in a way that doesn’t disturb the surrounding environment.  Each property has specific needs depending on the size of the lot and the vegetation that’s currently there. Both can impact the process, and it takes a skilled expert to know the correct way to complete the job.  
Land can easily be cleared, but if done incorrectly, it can cause turf damage and can be detrimental to the plants that you plan to keep. Our company knows the proper way to clear lots without disturbing the space surrounding it.

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Brush Removal

Brush removal can be a daunting task that can easily become overwhelming.  Mid-State Tree Service has the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently clear all brush that you want removed.  Not only is brush removal great for creating a space for future construction, increasing your property’s curb appeal, or expanding the openness of your landscape, but it is also a preventative safety measure.  

Brush Removal

Brush is extremely volatile and can catch fire quickly. If you have a large area of brush, the fire can spread exponentially. Speak with one of our professionals today about clearing the brush from your property to protect it while also making it look cleaner.  And with our wood chipping services, we can convert all of the brush into wood chips for you to use throughout your property. Another thing to be concerned about are pests that are attracted to brush piles – things like snakes, insects, and even rodents.  Disposing of brush piles is an important part of keeping your yard healthy and pest-free

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Lot and brush clearing is much more involved than pulling weeds and hacking down unwanted plants.  Don’t let this time-consuming task become a hassle for you. Call Midstate Tree Service for your free quote on lot and brush clearing.  We’ll easily take care of all of this for you.