Most Common Tools for DIY Tree Care

When trimming and pruning trees, you need to use the best tools available to you. Tree care is not an easy task, but tools are there to make it easier. You will be needing specialized tools to shape branches and small trunks. From small to full-grown trees, having the right equipment makes all the difference. Keep reading to view a list of equipment for trimming just about any kind of tree on your property.


In case your trees have many out-of-reach branches, you need ladders to get the job done. Extension and straight ladders are convenient in reaching branches that are high off the ground. Moreover, step ladders are handy for branches between eye level and 8-feet high. The key is to choose a ladder suitable for the job.

Always follow safety precautions when using a ladder for tree trimming. The base of the ladder should be placed on solid ground. Make sure you hold onto the side rails with both hands and keep three points of contact at all times. To avoid accidents, center your body between the rails while standing on the ladder.

Pruning Shears

Known as the most common gardening tool, pruning shears or hand pruners are used for cutting small twigs and bushes. It looks like a pair of scissors with sharper and longer blades. You will find three types of pruning shears in the market: anvil, bypass, and ratchets. Choose the best pruning shear depending on your specific needs.

Using pruning shears, you can cut twigs and vines up to 1 inch in diameter. Most pruning shears are handheld, which is why they usually leave simple, clean cuts. Making clean cuts also allows the tree to heal faster and easier.


With longer handles, loppers are efficient in pruning out twigs and medium-sized branches and stems. They can easily cut through branches up to 2 inches thick. Loppers come in different sizes, so you can choose what’s best for your needs.

Since a lopper is essentially a bigger pruning shear, you need to use both hands to work the handles. It is a heavier tool, so make sure you are extra careful. Wear sturdy work gloves and goggles for safety purposes. Always keep a firm grip on the handles in cutting heftier branches.

Hand Saws

If you need to cut through trunks of smaller trees, it’s recommended to use a hand saw. It can remove branches and sticks up to three inches in diameter. You can use it even if you’re standing on the ground or working on a stepladder. 

Most hand saws can cut on both pull and push strokes. A high-quality hand saw is everything you need to keep your garden trimmed and in tip-top shape. With the right tool, you can get rid of unruly branches and remove deadwood from your yard.

Chain Saw

While a hand saw is convenient to use, it won’t be able to cut bigger tree branches. For branches and limbs that are 5-inches thick, you need to use heavy-duty chainsaws. This equipment with gas-powered engines can power through logs with a larger diameter. You may also pick battery-operated or electric-powered chainsaws for your tree work. Avoid buying a low-quality chainsaw that may cause you some trouble.

When working with a chainsaw, you need to be careful since this equipment can inflict a potentially life-threatening injury. Wear closed-toe shoes, gloves, and earbuds to protect yourself from hazards.

Protective Equipment

Tree work is a dangerous task that can put your life and property in danger. It’s always best to wear personal protective equipment when trimming your trees. Before you take out all your garden tools and equipment, you need to prioritize your safety. Do not take unnecessary risks and make sure to work safely at all times.

Safety glasses, non-slip shoes, gloves, and a hard hat can keep you from getting serious injuries. In situations where you need to use heavy equipment, take precautions and learn how to operate the machinery. Protect your eyes and hands from wood particles, splinters, and abrasions.

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