Wood Chipping Harrisburg PA

Wood Chipping in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Wood Chipping in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The aftermath of any kind of tree service is a result of piles of branches, leaves, twigs, and other debris that need removed.  Mid-State Tree Service can quickly and easily haul all of these items away. However, there is another solution that is extremely beneficial for customers that we encourage: we can turn all of those leftovers into wood chips for your landscape!

Converting the remains of your tree into wood chips is advantageous for many reasons.  First of all, wood chips can be expensive to buy. Many people use mulch or wood chips for landscaping purposes, but buying several bags of it at a store or from landscapers can be pricey.  Instead, you can easily reuse the resources that you already have, cutting down both on time and cost immensely.

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How Does it Work?

The process is simple: we’ll gather all of the leftover branches, tree pieces, etc., from your tree service and run them through our wood chipper.  Instantly, you’ll have a natural product to spread around your garden, flower beds, or other areas to promote growth. And the best part is, you know exactly where all of the ingredients came from.

How Does it Work

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Let Midstate Tree Service know if you have any questions regarding woodchipping, or if you’re interested in turning your debris into natural wood chips.  We’re always happy to help and can answer any questions. And if you find that you don’t want wood chipping services – that’s ok too. We’ll still haul away all of the debris so that your property is left looking clean.