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Have you been searching for tree removal that does the job right and has fair pricing in the greater Harrisburg area? 

If so, then look no further! We aid in both regular and emergency tree removal. Not only will we respond to your inquiry quickly, but we will send expert, friendly professionals to come help.  

We will assess each situation with dedication and care, then safely remove the tree from your home or business. 

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Safety First - Always

Tree removal is often necessary for safety purposes.  Often, dead and decaying trees are at risk  for falling over or having overly weak limbs break off.  Often, these trees are within a hazardous proximity to buildings on your residential or commercial property, posing a risk for damage to them.   

Safety First During Tree Removal Harrisburg PA

Not only is this detrimental to your personal property, but it can put people in harm’s way.  Tree removal is often utilized as a cautionary safeguard in order to protect others, yourself, and your property.  If you want to take preemptive measures and prevent potentially costly expenses, then tree removal may certainly be your answer.  Our expert arborists can easily come assess any potential threats to see if your tree is in need of removal.

Already removed the tree, but still left with a stump in your yard?  Click here to read about our stump removal service.

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All of our team members at Midstate Tree are the most experienced and friendly in the service industry.  Each excels at tree removal, and will happily answer any questions that you may have regarding the process. 

Our tree removal company is widely revered in the Harrisburg area, and we’re happy to serve you!  You can call us or fill out our form for your free tree removal quote today.  Contact us as soon as possible to request an appointment for Harrisburg’s greatest tree removal assistance.

If you ever find yourself in Montreal, Canada and in need some tree removal (or as they say in French “abattage arbre“, please give our colleagues at Emondage Saint-Julie Pro a call.  They are the local Montreal experts in trimming, pruning, and any other tree-care services. 

Based on 4 reviews
Shaina H.
Shaina H.
Midstate Tree service did an excellent job grinding and removing a stump from a tree that had fallen in a big storm. They came out to my home on the West Shore and provided me an estimate based on the work that needed to be done. Three days later, they scheduled a time to come out and complete the work for me. The crew that came out were very professional and precise with their work. I have a garden nearby and it was important that it wasn't damaged. I would highly recommend them for any tree care needs. I almost gave a rating of 4 stars based on the price, but they did high quality work and were punctual so it was worth the bit extra I paid. Thank you!!!
Walter holden
Walter holden
Hired Midstate Tree Service of Harrisburg to help with some tree removal that I wasn't going to be able to do myself. First they came out a few hours after I called for the quote. Once I told them I wanted to move forward, they brought out a full crew along with a wood chipper. They must have been running that all day! There were a few 50 ft+ tall, dead trees hanging a bit too close to my building and it was about time I called someone local to take care of it. All in all, it took them 2 days (exactly what they said) and the price was fair. I'd recommend Midstate Tree for anyone in dauphin county. Personally, it means a lot to me when people do exactly as they promised. 5/5 stars.
stephen roberts
stephen roberts
I called Midstate Tree Service of Harrisburg a couple weeks ago. I first ask if they served my area, which they did. I have a few rental properties in Midtown and they were happy to give me an estimate for a few trees that needed trimmed in an adjacent lot plus the cleanup work. They did a great job and didnt leave any trace or mess! If you need tree service in harrisburg, give these guys a call.