Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Trees During Summer

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Trees During Summer

The summer season may be something to look forward to every year. Being outdoors can boost your mood and be a balm for your soul. However, trees do not enjoy a scorching summer day as humans do.

The heat causes trees to lose as much as 100 gallons of water during the summer months. When there is not enough moisture in the soil, you might notice heat stress in your trees.

Midstate Tree Service of Harrisburg is here to tell you what not to do to trees in the summer. Make sure to steer clear of the following don’ts of summer tree care to properly tender your landscape. Let us go over the common mistakes that tree owners often make—and why you should avoid them:

Don’t Overwater Your Trees in the Summer

Proper watering habits are probably one of the main things that you should practice. This is an important tree care task, especially during a hot and humid season. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to overwater your trees and plants during summer. 

Overwatering can lead to various issues. When a tree is overwatered, the leaves will begin to wilt as the roots begin to die. Too much water on the soil means there won’t be enough air pockets. With the limited oxygen supply, your tree will suffer from root rot.

To know if your trees need to be watered, check the condition of the soil around your tree. You may stick your hand in the soil to know the moisture levels. If the soil is soggy or damp, there’s no need for watering. But if the soil is dry, slowly add water around the tree.

Don’t Prune Your Trees Unless It’s an Emergency

Pruning is done to remove damaged and dead branches. The most ideal time to prune is during late winter or early spring before the onset of new growth. When you prune trees during the summer, it can lead to over-pruning. 

During the summer, many species of trees are active and starting to bloom and flourish. Trimming branches causes extreme stress and pest infestation. It’s best to delay pruning until the winter comes around.

However, pruning trees in the summer is unavoidable. If you have a broken or diseased tree that might cause a hazard, it’s best to hire a tree service provider. Emergency tree pruning or removal should be done to safeguard people and nearby properties.

Don’t Plant New Trees

If the hot summer sun is already stressful for mature, adult trees, what more to new ones? High temperatures are not ideal for newer trees to thrive and flourish. You can’t expect a new tree to survive when summer storms and droughts are abundant. Avoid planting trees during the summer season. Instead, wait until spring or fall because these are the ideal seasons to sow your tree seeds.

Don’t Forget to Mulch Your Trees

Mulch is made from organic matter like leaves, woodchips, bark, and compost. This is extremely important during summer. By mulching, you are helping insulate the soil and retain moisture in the soil for a longer period of time.

Although mulching is normally done in the springtime, you may still mulch your trees even in the middle of summer. It minimizes the stress experienced by trees and provides a buffer from heat. Moreover, mulching will keep weeds out and enhance curb appeal.

Don’t Forget Tree Inspections

Regular tree inspections are just as important as having a routine checkup with a doctor. You do this to help prevent future problems and maintain optimal health. In the summer, trees are more susceptible to infections and pest infestations. The key here is preventive maintenance.

A tree inspection done by the experts can help diagnose issues early. Professional tree experts know what to look for. They can identify signs of disease caused by bacteria, fungi, and even insects.

Common Signs of Tree and Shrub Problems

  • Chewed Foliage
  • Holes in the Tree Trunk
  • Withering and Yellowing Leaves
  • Leaf Spots
  • Stunted Leaf Growth
  • Splits and Cracks
  • Visible Sooty Mold
  • Decay and Fungus
  • An Abundance of Dead Wood
  • Root Damage

If you conduct tree inspections in the summer, the arborist can create a personalized watering guide for you. This will help determine watering needs and ensure your tree is ready for the hot and humid season.

Tree inspections can also improve the safety of everyone. Summer storms produce heavy winds and lightning strikes that might damage tree limbs and branches. A certified arborist will check if your tree is in a safe condition.

Get in Touch With Our Tree Experts

The summer season doesn’t mean you’ll brush aside your important tree maintenance tasks. Always take action to ensure your trees can survive the warm and dry months. 

Should you have any tree care questions or concerns, you may reach out to us at Midstate Tree Service of Harrisburg. No matter what your unique tree care needs are, we can provide the quality work that you deserve. As the best local tree service company, we are ready to offer comprehensive tree solutions tailored just for you.

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