Why You Should Leave Tree Work to the Pros

Why You Should Leave Tree Work to the Pros

There are projects you can DIY while others require the expertise of professionals. Tree work looks easier and simpler than done. You might think that trimming or cutting down a tree is as easy as ABC when you have a hand saw at home. However, a lot of things can go wrong like tool-related injuries or damaged property. 

The best way to be sure these mishaps don’t happen to you is by hiring a professional tree service provider. Before you decide to do a tree job yourself, weigh down the pros and cons of a DIY approach vs. hiring a professional contractor. Continue reading to know the other reasons why you should turn to tree experts.


One of the biggest concerns about any type of tree work is safety. Aside from climbing ladders, you need to use sharp tools to complete the job. If not properly used, heavy-duty trimming equipment like chainsaws, woodchippers, and stump grinders are very dangerous.

There are also chances that weak or dead branches will snap and fall on your head. Trees and shrubs grow near power lines, which can cause electrical shock to anyone who comes in contact with it. Avoid falling from heights or being hit by debris by turning to a professional. 

Tree removal specialists are required to wear protective gear from head to toe. They also plan, examine the site for any hazards, and take safety measures to protect themselves.


You might think that taking a tree down yourself will save you money, but that’s a doubtful outcome in the long run. You’ll have to purchase or rent special equipment and tools, driving your costs up while your savings go down.

While DIY may seem cheaper, it can do more harm than good. Tree experts like Midstate Tree Service of Harrisburg eliminate the risk of damage to your property. They are well trained in different climbing and pruning techniques to keep your trees growing strong and looking great.

Time and Effort

Professional tree removal saves you money and effort. Trimming or cutting trees takes a significant amount of effort and energy. You don’t need to use your weekends just to remove a diseased or dead tree in your yard. You can hire trained professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Training and Expertise

Most tree service companies provide arborist classes, formal training, and certifications to their staff. This means they know a lot of industry practices, safety measures required for the job. They also have extensive knowledge of tree anatomy, tool handling, tree climbing, electrical hazard awareness, and more. When you work with a professional, you can be assured that they do their job safely while complying with tree care industry requirements.

Experience and Expertise

If you’ve noticed damage or diseased trees on your property, do you know how to treat them? This is where the professionals come in. Skilled arborists have gained years of knowledge about trees, so they know different tree diseases and ways to eliminate them. Working with trees for years gives them situational awareness skills that you can’t acquire anywhere else. 

Proper Equipment and Tools

Tree work requires tools and machines more than just chainsaws. Many homeowners make the mistake of using incorrect or complex equipment to cut branches on the ground. This can result in unnecessary injuries while attempting tree work. Professional arborists have the correct tools and the working knowledge to remove branches or trunks. They are fully equipped and keep everything in excellent condition.


After the tree work, you can expect that there will be small debris and sawdust in your yard. Damaged branches should also be raked, removed, and disposed of from the site. You can hire a tree service company to safely clean up the mess and transport it by truck or flatbed trailer. 

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